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AI powered EdTech

published 22/06/2021

Edtech services are benefiting learners. Long gone are the times when teachers and educators would rely on blackboard-based knowledge transfer to provide information to students…

Digital Twins

published 30/04/2021

A smart manufacturing system (SMS) is a multi-field physical system with complex couplings among various components. Usually, designers in various fields can only design subsystems of an SMS based on…

Learning Organizations

published 15/04/2021

In learning organizations, the role of technology is mostly limited to it providing infrastructures to support exchange of information, collaboration, and access to learning resources. What is missing is…

EdTech Wearables

published 02/02/2021

The use of collaborative robots started to emerge in diverse industries. Such incorporation into these human-dominated environments can raise safety concerns as most robots arenot fully automated…

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