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We help organizations of all sizes to manage talent training and minimizing expert costs.

At GigaAI, we believe everyone can become an expert. We develop educational technology that enables lifelong learning for all learners, regardless of their educational background, to master new Industry 4.0 tasks. Our approach is to make smart learning universally accessible by providing learners with the latest learning content developed for smart industry education training. We are pioneering the development of „360°Edutainment“, the seamless fusion of theory and practical skills training on our Learning Experience Platform, providing new learning experiences.

GigaAI is a German high-tech company developing software and hardware EdTech applications and information visualization technology for smart industries. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions and service to optimize workforce training in automated industries and increase efficiency for our customers.

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Our multinational team constantly works on our product optimization and testing for customer satisfaction regardless of their location.

Maintenance QA is one of the most time-consuming and cost-intensive facets of a manufacturing company. Our solution, a remote Quality Assurance Assistant, can help eliminate the need for on-site QA and maintenance workers. With our solution, factories can train an AI to do a range of tasks including use case testing, problem solving, smart worker training, informal learning, quality inspection and supervising.—

We build upon and create sound products, cutting-edge technologies and natural interfaces for accessing the education world in new ways.

Our smartLXP our Learning Experience Technology includes advanced machine learning algorithms adapt to the nuances in how users interact with our technology. Our SaaS technology gets smarter and more efficient at recognizing, and even what the user intends to communicate. We enable worker to simultaneously interact with their physical environment and the overlaid digital world. As they select an object in AR to indicate their intended action, we support Human & Machine communication according to the learner’s current context and adapt the AR system based on changing environments.


Our smartLXP training modules

A smart engineer activities include robotics and cybernetics, scientific knowledge and practical skills. As well as analytical abilities to indentify and formulate emerging problem and solving tasks, as well as R&D activities.

The quantum engineer  develops control solutions for quantum technologies, which range from hard- to software tools for mechanics,  electronic systems engineering, as well as computer and physical sciences.

The NDT inspecton is important in many industries e.g.  Oil & Gas, Automotive and Aviation Construction. The knowledge of the NDT  Inspector includes Engineering, QM, Statistic Analysis and Information Technology.  

The environment of the smart Technician works is the Smart Factory. The training modules include Machine Technician, Physic-Technician and advanced IT & Cyber Security, Cyber Physic System Orchestration and Digital Twin.


Join conversations about smart learning technologies. We share industry-related topics including scientific research and insights, in addition to company and product news. Learn from L&D, Smart Industry, EdTech and AR & BCI EEG experts as we work towards universal access to communication and experiences.

AI powered EdTech

AI powered EdTech

Saas-based Edtech services are benefiting learners. Long gone are the times when teachers and educators would rely on blackboard-based knowledge transfer to provide information to students...
Digital Twins

Digital Twins

A smart manufacturing system (SMS) is a multi-field physical system with complex couplings among various components. Usually, designers in various fields can only design subsystems of an SMS based on...
Learning Organizations

Learning Organizations

In learning organizations, the role of technology is mostly limited to it providing infrastructures to support exchange of information, collaboration, and access to learning resources. What is missing is...
EdTech Wearables

EdTech Wearables

The use of collaborative robots started to emerge in diverse industries. Such incorporation into these human-dominated environments can raise safety concerns as most robots arenot fully automated...


GigaAI is a German high-tech company developing software and hardware EdTech applications and information visualization technology for smart industries. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions and service to optimize workforce training in automated industries and increase efficiency for our customers.


GigaAI is a mission-driven company dedicated to providing the best learning solutions and support for people from all walks of life around the world. By providing affordable and accessible technologies powered by AI, learning will be very different – we call it edutainment! We will interact with many more new technologies in the next decade at school, at work, and on the go. Imagine a world where there are thousands of engineers, product developers, design thinkers, and change makers contributing to society because they now have the latest work skills.




Business Administration, Strategy & Development, MBA , Six Sigma BB OPEX


Intelligent Systems Engineer, Sensor, Industry Digital Twin Master SE Automated Systems


AR System, MSC Aeronautical Engineer, Computational Neuroscientist


Director of EdTech Lab Professor Computer Science


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    You can find more info in our product section or contact us to give you more information in a call or send us a demo-version request to find out more about smartLXP.

    We are based in Germany and offer our services worldwide. Please contact us if you have special requests or partner program requests.

    Our smartLXP is a cloud based Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our Cloud provider is based in Germany and we offer international cloud based platform solutions.

    Our products are developed for B2B services, and for organizations of all sizes, starting from 500 subscriber units. If you have special requests, feel free to contact us.


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    Would you like to be part of an innovative startup that is ushering in the next frontier in human and machine training? GigaAI is building a revolutionary platform for learning experiences with the audacious goal of empowering learners to master new technical skills in the shortest possible time. Specifically, we are supporting ML, NLP, and DL algorithms to address learning disabilities, to give everyone the chance to learn new work skills, to master new technologies, and to help learners enjoy the learning journey with personalized technology support. We are unlocking human potential by working at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and neurotechnology to develop a platform with accessible solutions that accelerate the learning process for workers in the smart industry who are facing serious changes in the work environment.

    We have a very team-oriented environment and work in a collaborative way. We have grown over the last few years into a multinational team working around the globe in a swarm intelligence system.

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    Industrial Designer – Wearables- Mechanical Engineer- Embedded Systems Firmware Engineer – Mixed Reality NUI UX Designer – Application Technical Lead (Augmented Reality & Mobile) – Mobile Software Developer.

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